A group at the service of light

STATUS was founded in 1992 and has designed, manufactured and sold designer lighting with high technological content for over 20 years. It has been experimenting with LED technology in its most advanced forms since 2001 with the ALTIS line.

Products designed and produced by Gruppo Status‘s divisions are well suited to residential interiors, work environments, public and institutional buildings, which include a series dedicated to gardens, urban decor and dedicated nautical products.

Gruppo Status currently ranks amongst Italian companies that accurately meet the needs of architects, lighting designers, planners and installers in full compliance with environmental regulations and for energy conservation.

The company’s philosophy reflects that of the Made in Italy label, in making high-quality products defined by their reliability and attention to detail, as well as a corporate and commercial organizational structure that supports customers from product selection to project consulting.

Main markets in Europe (other than Italy): Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, England and Portugal.
Outside Europe: India, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Turkey and Canada.

Status is a product range of decorative lighting fixtures that is continuously refreshed and expanded upon with new solutions and light sources.
Altis continues its efforts in new LED technology sources (which began in 2001) with a more than 600-page catalog dedicated entirely to LED products.

Light Experience
Light is at the service of those who use it. STATUS’s goal is to lend its own experience to lighting professionals in order to create personal solutions for each user, with the aim of providing a “tailored” service to designers and users. For us, design is an interesting vehicle in optimizing lighting fixtures. The results are technical solutions that are specific in their field, as well as the creation of products that make progress available in an intelligent manner. Light becomes malleable and flexible, a personal experience.
We like to call the ability to plan and carry out transformations that involve the temporal dimension “scenic lighting”. The potential of scenic lighting for architecture translates into an improvement in the quality of environments; it interacts with the user and captures attention. Colored light plays an important role in this concept, and we use light sources with dynamic color changes to produce it. The principle on which they are based is the additive chromatic synthesis of light sources that can be programmed separately by color, in red, green and blue (RGB technology).

Light Innovation
With the creation of ALTIS, in 2001 Gruppo Status presented its first LED products (Light Emitting Diode). Since then we have been involved in major developments in the technical features of LEDs. The introduction of electronic lighting technology and digital controls with DMX or DALI standard protocols makes managing an increasing number of individual parameters possible. Today, orientation lighting and decorative lights are already standardized with LEDs. This particular light source is likely to become more diffused, as it increasingly highlights the products’ unique characteristics, such as their long-term duration, improved efficiency (the ratio of the flux emitted and power absorbed), low maintenance cost, considerably smaller size compared to the other light sources and the ease of control and dimming. LEDs cannot be applied to traditional lighting, rather it is necessary to adapt them to this specific application. Through the company’s know-how, Altis verifies the designs of each LED fixture. They are mounted with optics with a high level of visual comfort and are treated to control heat dissipation, creating long lasting products.