Design: Centro Style Status, 2017
Refined geometry, basic sophisticated shape, enriched by the exclusive finishes of the front surface. Fashion is a wall lamp made of extruded aluminium with dimmable LED light, both direct and indirect, that is completed by a metal or wood front. The minimal language of the lamp allows it to merge with any style to enhance settings.
The special finishes and materials, which are used for the front, enrich the image with aesthetic details, transforming the light fitting into a furnishing item. Available in the colours white, black, painted aluminium or rust, in wood types Canaletto Walnut or Heat-Treated Oak or in supermirror steel and AISI 304 gold.




Construction features
Version: wall lamp
Source: high efficiency LED
Frame in alluminium and extruded steel.
Finishes: white, painted aluminium, anthracite grey,
rust, steel AISI 304 gold, wood types and supermirror steel.
On request gold leaf.
Colour temperature: 2700K, on request 4000K.
Luminous flux: 1290-3900lm.
Wattage: 13-37W.
Triac phase control dimming
Power: 230V 50/60Hz AC, without power supply unit.