Design: NAVA + NAVA Design, 2017
A perfect ring that wraps round a cascade of light elements that seem to float in the air, further enhancing the sensation of suspension and dematerialising the volume.
A circular strip exudes the natural creative power generated by Ema, the hanging lamp in which the flower petals made up of central supermirror elements are lit up by a LED light that is reflected and multiplied in a thousand directions.




Luminous flux:
4000 lm – 8000 lm

Colour temperature:
2700K, 4000K

Construction features:
Version: hanging lamp
in the diameters 600 mm and 800 mm
Source: high efficiency LED.
Triac phase control dimming.
Structure and petals: painted steel in the colours
white and gold.
Absorption 60-80W
Power 230V 50/60Hz AC, without power supply unit.